:: Sunshine and Storm

To the Girl in Black Leather Boots

There’ something i want to tell you
But please don’t take it personnaly
It’s just that i fell in love with U
Nothing more to say, dear friend to me
If U call me your Lover
We’ll wake up side by side tomorrow
Now that I’ve got your number
When it’s over I’ll let you know
Sunshine and storm playing in my mind
So grounded when i wanna fly so high
I look ahead and see what’s left behind
A deep breath and it’s gone in a sigh
Finally found someone to see
All the things i’m meant to be
Strong and wise enough to promise me
That i should not be afraid to believe in me


About pingouin grincheux
http://pingouin-grincheux.net blogueur, grincheux, musicien, geek et grincheux. Ah, je l'ai déjà dit ?

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