:: Nipples

Nipples seem to be a hot topic of late, with a constant flow of celebrity “nip slips” culminating in Jessica Alba’s nipples actually making an appearance. So after witnessing the uproar Alba’s semi-exposed, never-before-seen nipples caused in the blog world, I started thinking about why nipples are such a big deal.Even setting aside the fact that the United States is far more obsessed with breasts than just about anywhere else in the world, most people seem especially obsessed with nipples.I have to admit, I don’t really get it.Before I started reading blogs that track the world of celebrity nipples, I never really gave nipples much thought. But now, nipples poking through a shirt is an attractive look.I mean, it worked for Jennifer Aniston on Friends for what, a dozen years?But since you know just how obsessed boys seem to be with nipples…There is really no reason for a girl to worry about her nipples being hard. Boys certainly don’t worry about theirs, right? Yet because of the country’s fascination with nipples, something that is fairly innocent has been turned into something that is potentially kind of creepy.

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One Response to :: Nipples

  1. I never noticed that about Jennifer Aniston’s Friends look. It just seems that nipples are more on display in modern times than they were years ago. On the other hand I can remember the 70s when going braless was a popular look, so maybe I’m wrong about that.

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