:: Jessica Alba C thru dress (back on)

SIN City star Jessica Alba was horrified when she saw pictures of herself at June’s MTV Movie Awards – because she realised the outfit she wore to the event was see-through.The 24-year-old screen beauty, who refuses to appear nude onscreen, was deeply upset when she learned that parts of her dress were translucent in sunlight.She told Jane magazine:”That was a nightmare. I didn’t want to wear anything tight, so I thought: ‘Oh, this dress is fine. It’ll be a bit more conservative’.  Don’t recall a thing ?check out the Gallery“But when the wind blew part of the top up, the underneath was completely see-through. It was so embarrassing. And then of course it ended up on the internet.”It was so traumatic, because I’m not a girl who likes to do that. I really haven’t shown anything. That’s not my style.”


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